Chapter 1.1 – And So it Begins!

Alright before I do anything I must warn that all sims in this legacy will most likely act different than they would normally in their original story. I figured since this is a “I’m surrounded by idiots” and all… So please don’t bite my head off, kthx.

Alright here’s a list of everyone I threw into the town. I’ll start with the simself, and the characters (if any) from their blog.

Spongey, Qiana, Phoenix – And then it rained…
Jedself, Sebie, Lear – The Huckleberry Chronicles
Wolfie, Renn – Raven Legacy
Chazzybazzy, Blush, Niva, Nyx – Daiyes of our lives
Elissa – Meet the derps
Emy – Splintered Sun
Rochelle, Amethyst – Olympus Legacy
Callie, Crimson – Frascati Legacy
Tonks – Dripping with Sweetness
Nathan – The Sherbet Legacy
I also used the Sorbet brothers from A Berry Crazy ISBI. (Grape, Cranberry, Blackberry)

Phew! Alright just know there is still plenty of room for moreΒ vulnerable sims πŸ˜€ Oh and if you gave me a simself and it’s not up here, I probably had CC problems with it ;/ Sowwy.

Now that that is out of the way, on with the madness! *thunder clap*

“Aww… she’s lawn living? LAME.”

Noooo… you shut your face. I actually built a house, give me a minute.

She’s so crazy she pretends people are actually talking to her. She even more crazier cause she refers to herself in the thrid person WHILE pretending someone is talking to her.

You can shut your face TOO, crossed out inner thoughts!

BAM! House! I call it the crap bungalow. If you couldn’t tell I worked a whole 2 seconds on the outside. But hey, at least I landscaped! Those flowers didn’t grow themselves! AmIrite???

Just so you know the color of the house each generation is going to be the torch holders favorite color. It just happens the founders favorite color is orange. I’m sorry if I blinded you by the end of this chapter.

Well, I guess I should introduce the founder now…

Pfffft screw that! How many of these challenges start off like that? I say something should get blown up. Now that’s a hell of a introduction!


I meteortized the Altos. Wanna know why? Cause I felt like it.

No? Good.

πŸ˜€ Lol, how unfortunate.

Alright I had my fun.

Here is our founder! Ain’t she a peach?

Ferrari: “Not Impressed >:l”


With this legacy I have to get used to being as least controlling as possible. Dear lord, it’s against everything I stand for! Let’s hope I live long enough to finish this thing. Although, it’s duly noted that I’ll probably go bald by the 2nd generation…

Ferrari: “Yew didn’t tell me their wud be windows!!”

Oh my bad… How could I have forgotten such important details?

Ferrari: “Oh my gawd, more windows?! Is this what heaven is suppose’ be like?”

If it was… we really don’t have much to look forward to.

It was right about then she got so excited about the windows she rolled the wish to take a guitar class. Yeah, okay, that makes sense.

Ferrari: “I’m wastin’ money on guitar lessons, you proud of me taxi driver? O_O”

Face one: “Maybe if I ignore her she’ll shut up.”

If only it were that easy.

So while Furri was taking her guitar lesson I went snooping around the park to see what was happening. I found Sim!Nathan and Sim!Tonks flirting.

Nathan: “You wanna see my disco ball?

Tonks: “Oh yeah bb.”

I don’t get it…

Sim!Wolfie and Sim!Callie were having a blast on the swing set.

Callie: “I’ll bet you 500 dollars I can make this swing circle around.”

Wolf: “If you die, I get your house.”

I guess that’s what friends are for.

He was just flirting with Tonks like 2 seconds before! That’s messed up.

Nathan:Β  “I wasn’t just flirting with anyone! πŸ˜€ Wanna make out?”

Wolf: “Lol, your lying, but for some reason I can fight the urge not to slap you and accept the flirt anyways! :D”

I look like I’ve been zombiefied, I’m so emotionless…

Spongey: “*blank stare* o_o”

What are the chances that these exact sims wind up where I was going? XD

Pheonix: “DUDE! I was gonna take that ugly ass chair!”

Jed: ” πŸ˜€ Miinnnne.”

Spongey: “What a couple of dumbbells. AmIrite?”

Qiana: “Do I know you? O_o”

While I was looking around some more I got THIS pop up. Are you kidding me??? That’s 3 women in the span of like 2 sim hours…Dude. Chill.

Ferrari: “That sucked. Why’d yew make me go to that stewpid lesson?”

-.- Don’t even go there. God, it’s been one wish I made her complete and I already am not amused. At least that yummy Sorbet boy is staring at her πŸ˜€ Go talk to him nao!

Ferrari: “No. He’s stewpid too.”

Oh and I can name another right about now -_-

Ferarri: “Aw no! He went and lefted meeeeeeee! I’m gonna be lonesome forever!”

Calm down, he went inside the theater. Your life isn’t over.

Sebie: “*stares at the wall*”

Then out of no where, of course, Jared comes over to her and starts screaming at her! WTF?

Jared: “You crying you big baby? Why you crying? You lost your bottle? AWWWW! Suck it up skank!”

Bell: “Awww snap :D”

Stay out of this Bella -.- I’m not afraid to hurt a child.

Ferrari: “Shut up! I don’t even know who yew are, why yew botherin’ me?!”

Jared: “Cause BOTTLES!”

Ferrari: “Leave my bottles alone!”

Bella: “What the hell kinda fight…?”

Since that fight was obviously pointless I broke it off then had her wait until Grape came out of the theater. I had to chase him all the way down the street and around the corner -.- Ferrari is REALLY slow… no pun intended.

Ferrari: “Hi I’m Furri. I was waitin’ fur yew outside of the theater. Some guy called me a stalk’r and said he gonna take my bottles.”

Grape: “Uhm….”

Why? Why is that her first impression?

Grape: “Oh my god did you know they found NEMO!?”

Ferrari: “NO WAY!”

I guess it’s a good thing he’s Insane too .-.

Blair: “Deeeeerrrrp”

After talking to Grape for a bit I sent her home because her needs were decaying. Although she was hungry the first thing she did when she got home was go sit on the toilet…

Ferrari: “I’m pre-heatin’ the seat for when Ima use it later.”

Eventually she found the fridge, although she thought it was a pretty good idea to scream at her bowl then to actually clean it…

Ferrari: “Ima gut yur eyes out with my garden tools! Now go take outta trash like I told yew 100 times now!”

I wonder if it’s possible for her to get even more stupid? Probably.

Ferrari: “Winnnnndows!”

Oh my god, you with the windows again! That’s it I need her to do something that will actually help her with money. She rolled the wish to join the athletic career… so I have no choice but to agree. Although her LTW is to collect 20 wild animals… I don’t even.

Lamb chair: “It’s so dark in here! D:”

*sigh* I ran out of money for lights…

Before I go any further, here’s some simself updates:

Yesh a romance, make me babies! πŸ˜€ That sounded less creepy in my head…

Aw Elissa hating onΒ  a Sorbet! D: But they’re so snuggly!

Oh come on…

LOL well if they love one another, what’s a 50 year gap in age?? Hehehe

Awww cute! πŸ˜€ Babies nao.

Ferrari: “Aren’t I bew’ful?”

I don’t even know what happened there.

Apparently after getting the job she thought it was best to call her boss at 3 am.

Ferrari: “I jus’ wanna let yew know that I’m all ready work and stuff. I got my pretty dress on and ever’thing.”

Marty: “WHO ARE YOU?”

Ferrari: “Kay, see yew ‘morrow. πŸ˜€

The next day I sent Ferrari to the gym so she could start gaining skills. She has no money yet, so I couldn’t just buy a radio.

LOL lots of ‘big’ sims repelling from the gym xD Sorry I couldn’t help myself…

Ferrari: “This ain’t so bad. I bet choo thought I was gonna fall! Huh weird lady punching the wall?”

Lady: “*punch punch* OH YEAH, FEEL THE BURN!”

That is a workout you can do at home… Actually that’s not a work out at all…

Ferrari: “OooooofffffHALP! The treadmill is tryin’ kill meeeee!!!!”

Lady: “Lulz πŸ˜€ Should of just done my punching exercise.”

Yeah I know where she can practice the punching too…

I know I’m allowed to control Ferrari, but when she was in the gym I let her do what ever she wanted. Sebie came into the gym and she thought it best to go introduce herself. Oh lawd.

Ferrari: “Hi smurple hair. I’m Furri, I fell down and a lady was punching the wall.”

Sebie: “Uhm…”

SERIOUSLY!? Come on Ferrari stop being an idiot just long enough to find someone!

Well apparently he doesn’t mind her craziness cause he started flirting with her! Wait a minute isn’t he already dating someone??

Sebie: “You know I don’t mind a crazy chick… or two.”

Although when she tried to do it back he rejected her! Yeah that’s cold…

Sebie: “Ew, why are you flirting with me?? I’m in a happy stable relationship!”

Ferrari: “But yew was just hitting on me! The little people in my head told me so!”

AND THEN he flirted with her AGAIN! Okay I seriously see this going no where… Relationship or not Sebie is apparently having a hard time making up his mind. I think Grape is still our main goal. At least he didn’t reject her and then flirt with her again! >:l

Sebie: “You know I like baseball games. You plus me? We should go.”

Ferrari: “Yur not makin’ sense! Ima go now… I gotta go tah work fur my boss to see my pretty dress.”

I don’t think she knows what job she signed up for…

I seriously thought he was following her at first until…

Of course they work together… that shouldn’t be awkward at all. I guess she’ll just have to ignore his confusing passes until we find Grape again. There is still hope!

While I waited for Ferrari to get out of work I watched Lear read a book. He stood there the entire time not even flinching at the fact that a horse is freaking galloping around him. I found it amusing to watch! XD

Horse: “Commme onnnn! Just turn around and look at me!”

Lear: “This book is AMAZING.”

Horse: “I just want to be loved.”

LOL that is one desperate horse XD

Eventually Lear left and the Horse started bothering some other people. Not long after that Ferrari came out of work. Hey look Amethyst works there too! πŸ˜€

Amethyst: “Get that CRAZY chick away from ME!”

Ferrari: “I just wanna have a sleep over! D: I got a lamb chair we can take turns sitting on! I’ll warm up the toilet!! COME BACK!”

I don’t blame her for running away… I’d hope my simself is smart enough to do the same thing, LOL.

I sent her home after chasing away Amethyst. It was just sad to watch. Once home I left her to do as she pleased even though her motives were VERY low. She thought it was best to pop squat in her bathing suit…

Ferrari: “Am I doin’ this right Mr. Lamb chair?”

Lamb Chair: “How would I know??? I can’t even move!”

Ferrari: “Oh right.”

Ferrari: “My body fulla stink. I can go to sleep now.”

That makes no sense…

Ferrari: “It scares way the monsters under the bed! I don’t want them eatin’ me!”

What is wrong with you?

Ferrari: “Mkay I’m dressed, time for bed. Night-night feets.”

You can go to bed now.

Ferrari: “I can’t I’m frozun.”

She was stuck in that position for a few sim hours until I noticed… my bad. *reset sim*

The next day I sent her out to complete an oppurtunity and when she came back out… her brother was there waiting for her. Apparently he got the Insane trait too…

Rider: “Oh my god they’re everywhere!”

Ferrari: “Aw my gawd! WHERE?!”

Rider: “They’re inside my head.”

Ferrari: “Oh okay good.”

Rider: “You can see them can’t you?!”

Ferrari: “No keep them to yourself I don’t want them!”

Rider: “It’s okay. They’re safe.”

What the hell just happened?

I’ll leave you with this picture of Ferrari staring at her hands like an escaped mental patient.

Ferrari: “Yew two be gud while we go to work, mkay? We gotta show boss how pretty we are.”



Thanks for reading! Please tell me what you think! ^_^


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  1. StyxLady says:

    “Ferrari: β€œI just wanna have a sleep over! D: I got a lamb chair we can take turns sitting on! I’ll warm up the toilet!! COME BACK!”” Bwahaha, that had me cracking up! I love reading ISBIs…and yay, Cran, BB, and Grape! I love those boys. ❀ Can't wait for more!

    • Spongey says:

      Yay I’m glad you liked it!! πŸ˜€ Oh of course. You can’t have a ISBI without those three being in it! ❀ I love Grape Esp. πŸ˜‰


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  4. sariechiny says:

    Woooo!!! Yayy the first chapter of the new legacy!
    This. Is. So. Freakin’. Funny. Seriously, with Furri and all the simselves running around town, this is going to be goood(:
    Ahhh I can’t wait for the next chapter already! Amazing start to the new legacy!!! πŸ˜€

    • Spongey says:

      Thank you so much!! πŸ˜€ I know, I’m so extra excited to be doing this new legacy. It was really fun to get the pictures together for it XD Even if it took me 100 years to write out the chapter XD I’m trying a different way of writing, which I feel fits better ^_^

      Thanks again πŸ˜€ Yeah I wanna get more chapters together, but first Rained needs a new one ^_^

      • sariechiny says:

        Yupp(: I need to find out what happens with Noah and Riley, and what exactly happened to Riley that caused her to want to kill herself! D:
        Get moving woman! We need to find out!
        Ooops…didn’t mean to sound so demanding and bossy back there…Hehe…XP
        Oh dear…please forgive me for that outburst…

      • Spongey says:

        LOL it’s fine ;D I will get moving. I’m gonna get pictures for it later tonight after I study for my drivers test! *squee* πŸ˜€
        Next chapter is going to be her back story too πŸ˜‰

        You’re forgiven XD LOL

      • sariechiny says:

        Oooh…driver’s test. Good luck! πŸ˜€

      • Spongey says:

        Thanks! πŸ˜€ I feel pretty prepared! ^_^

  5. wolfmania98 says:

    SO. FREAKING. FUNNY!!! πŸ˜€ I loved it.
    I loved Furri’s obbsession with windows xD And LOL…if sim!Nathan flirted with me first… and then with Renn.. and if you count sim me as Renns mum cus I created her… eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. πŸ˜› OOO grape or Sebie…. thats one hard choice…. We shall see how it goes πŸ˜›

    • Spongey says:

      Awww thank you!! πŸ˜€ Ha ha well she was the one freaking running over to them every 5 seconds! It was getting on my nerves -.- Any time she had a free moment it was “OMG WINDOWS!”

      LOL well if I counted it like that, than yeah, that’s pretty ewwish XD

      Yeah but Sebie is confuesed, and in a relationship. Grape is on the boarder. MUST stop him!! LOL

  6. LOL! This was SO funny, Spongey! Furry is hilarious! Haha, poor Amethyst! She probably ran home and locked the door for three days after that being as paranoid as she is!

    Whoa! ALL THOSE SIMSELVES! Mind if I put you in my game?

    I’ll be subscribing as soon as I get on my laptop again! For now, this is bookmarked!

    • Spongey says:

      Awhhh thank you Rochelle!! πŸ™‚ It means a lot coming from you ^_^ Your legacy is REALLY funny!! HAHAHA I know, that poor girl XD Furri scared her haft to death!

      Yup! I like having the town filled with familar faces πŸ˜€ We shall see your evily self one of these days XD Probably popping out 100 children LOL XD And Oh of course! Go right ahead!

      Yay! πŸ˜€ Thank you!

  7. cloveria says:

    This is fantastic! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. Can’t wait to read more πŸ˜€
    Argh, I can’t believe Grape was taken. He’s so cute. 😦

    • Spongey says:

      Yay thanks for stumbling ;D … lol that sounded better in my head XD Ignore that.
      Nuuuu! He’s not taken as far as I have anything to say about it! >:0

  8. gomar6 says:

    Wee! Terrey’s.. Though, technically, aren’t the Rain Legacy ones Terrey’s too? lol

    • Spongey says:

      Yup. I never let that last name die XD I like keeping it familiar. ^_^ So they will just be the Rained Terrey’s, the original Terrey’s, and now the ISBI Terrey’s XD hahahah Confusing, but you know what I mean πŸ˜‰

  9. Elocine says:

    Yay, a new ISBI! I love them. πŸ™‚

    I have Grape in one of my legacies right now and he’s awesome. He’s 120 on a 100-day lifespan, though, so I’m pretty sure he plans on sticking around forever lol.

    I can’t wait to see who Ferrari ends up with!

    • Spongey says:

      πŸ˜€ I love them too, so I thought what better way to show my love than by actually doing one? ^_^

      LOL oh gawsh. Well he is cute enough to have stick around ;D

      Me neither! At this rate it’s driving me crazy! These sims don’t know what they want. If I left it up to Ferrari she’d marry the window -.-

      • Elocine says:

        LOL I think it’s a rule that ISBI founders have to give you trouble when you’re looking for a spouse. Mine ‘decided’ who she wanted to be with immediately, and wouldn’t even be nice to anyone else until I relented!

        …that’s not really an option if she wants to marry a window, though. :p

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah it really is. I’m usually fine with all my other sims. The moment I start this it’s like all hell broke lose. I seriously couldn’t believe how hard it is finding someone. Usually I’d cheat, (LOL) but I’m following the rules this time, no cheating for meh. You know I almost had a fail already? -.- I kept getting distracted by the town people she almost wet herself! Le sigh… And think, I can actually CONTROL her.

        LOL yeah not even gonna go there XD She seriously has a problem with that. I’m afraid what will happen when I add lights… or god so help me a TV!

  10. Tonks says:

    β€œYew two be gud while we go to work, mkay? We gotta show boss how pretty we are.”


    That sounded so much dirtier in my head. O_o


  11. Sherbet ISBI says:

    haha! i’m joking, before you know it i’ll have 337372984720 children, it made me laugh the entire chapter, and the bit about me;)!
    go glad there back:]

    • Spongey says:

      Yeah you’re simself is a player. No joke. ;P Let’s hope SOO! I need spouses for kids later on! I wanna try and do this the right way, and not make them. So I added lots of awesome looking sims to do my bidding for me πŸ˜€ mewuahahaha!

      Yeah me too πŸ˜‰

      • Sherbet ISBI says:


      • Spongey says:

        LOL only time will tell XD We’ll see what happens. Although your simself is def a player. Ferrari is stupid but she won’t let people take advantage of her! XD Most of the time…

  12. marissa3 says:

    I love this Jackie!! πŸ˜€

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    This had me laughing the whole time, I really like it Jax. Good job! πŸ™‚

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    This was Great. I kept laughing so hard I think my face turned read. You are off to a great start Jax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    This was hilarious!! ❀

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    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Hilarious, Jax! All these simselfs make me wanna make a simself :/

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    Awesome start Spongey πŸ™‚ I love reading ISBI’s and as soon as I get on my laptop I’m gonna subscribe to this blog πŸ˜€

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    aaaahhhh! hilariouslyyy amazing!! aww no.. poor ferrari why does grape have to be with fiona mcirish…shes ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahah πŸ˜€ love the new ISBI a good change from the dramaaa of rained! (:

    • Spongey says:

      Why thank you!! πŸ˜€ YEAH I KNOW! It’s not even like he went with a purdy sim either. He had to go out with an uggo. I’m gonna make Furri steal him away!! I will not lose Grape Sorbet to that FUGLY! /rant

      πŸ˜€ Indeed it is! It’s like a breath of fresh air. Although I can never get tired of my Rained blog ❀ Doing Drama is so fun<3 πŸ˜€

      • EmeraldAmethyst says:

        ahahahahahahha yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ferrari deserves him more than that icky old woman-.- hahahah and are you still gonna update the rained blog normally?

      • Spongey says:

        Yeah true dat. Oh of course!! I love my Rained blog ❀ I got pictures for it last night x-x All 57 of them… gonna take me a bit to write it out that's for sure. It's a long one cause of Riley's back story.

    • EmeraldAmethyst says:

      yes! ill be waiting (:

  21. Rainie92 says:

    Awesome more terreys to read XD it was very interesting I’ll have to look up the rules on an isbi challenge XD can I be in your town please XD

  22. Liza says:

    HAHAHAHHA, spongey, this is GREAT! Do you mind, ahem, adding my simself to the bunch? The link is on my blog.

  23. lilysimsstories says:

    HAHAHAHA. the conversation between her and her brother is hilarious(: Just a normal day to day talk.. haha:P you have a gift for writing, serious writing or funny writing like this haha. it was funny but not tooo corny. I love it a lot. It’s my first ISBI so im lookin forward to it (:

    • Spongey says:

      Lol yeah just the normal every day thing you would say to yah brah ;D Aw, well thanks… LOL well I don’t try to be corny XD I try to just be random and silly. Oh nice ;D You’re in for a treat. ISBI are the best type of Legacy imo. They are just so fun to read about I decided to do one ^_^

  24. Zoe says:

    Okay I made an actual simself this time ,but she is older. Here’s the link * fingers crossed to get it right*

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    • Spongey says:

      I’m sure it will ^_^ It looks like it has 0 CC and that’s perfect! πŸ˜€ Thanks! I’ll add her next chapter. I’m so happy, I got 4 new sim selfs to add ;D

  25. Zoe says:

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    • Spongey says:

      Yeah I know but for some reason the Custom skin was giving my game issues. Every time I clicked on your sim and this other one someone gave me my game would crash :/ So I tried again, but still no dice. Sowwy! D: Maybe take anything CC related away? ;/

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    • Spongey says:

      Grape doesn’t like anybody, so don’t worry XD He’s made SO many enemies. LOL yeah, but that’s what your simself wanted ;P haahaha

      Oh that’s okay! ^_^ Yeah I love all the simselfs too, it’s fun to watch them run around and do crazy stuff XD

      Thanks!! πŸ˜€

  34. I.D.K! says:

    that was hilarious!! make more stories like this! this is how terrey family legacy used to be until it got all… vampire-y… but anyways, this is a good story!! post more of these

    love from the UK,
    Emeli D

    • Spongey says:

      Lol well that was my old story and this is my new one ^_^ It’s just going to be random and silly. I feel as if in this one I’ll have more colorful sims just because I’m itching to use the fawkes skin tones xD

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    Sponge zombified? That’s the thing about sims… they all have botox in their faces… and have a stiff neck… srsly sim children can’t look up… they just give you the creepers stare. O_O.

    I see you have many great fun… wait… many great fun? *wuah* I can’t write no more! But me likey your story!

    *kays… buhbye and reads a dictionary* -.-

    • Spongey says:

      Yaaay! I’m glad you got to read it now! Hahaha me hate you? Never! ;D LOL yeah okay… hahah xD

      Yeah it’s so true! They look like they need some serious help O_o Their face is so blank sometimes! I KNOW!! That scares me SO much!

      LOL yeah it be many great fun XD hahahah

      ;P Thanks Jed.

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  45. The poor Altos! Actually just poor Holly (I wubs her). Vita and Nick can suck it. How did you meteorize their house? I want to do that to random families!!!
    This is so masterfully written. Best I’ve read so far and it’s only the first chapter!

  46. lilyrae98 says:

    OMG, you exploded the Altos XD So hilarious! I love this legacy already. My fave lines were “Grape: β€œOh my god did you know they found NEMO!?”
    Ferrari: β€œNO WAY!” and “Ferrari: β€œI just wanna have a sleep over! D: I got a lamb chair we can take turns sitting on! I’ll warm up the toilet!! COME BACK!” πŸ˜€

  47. DarkwingLady says:

    Starting to read from Gen. 1 as promised.

    GOOD GRIEF – THIS is yo founder?! I am throwing up my hands in despair and laughter. Seriously, chick needs some HELP. xD

    See what happens when you don’t control the Sims…?! ISBI indeed…. lulz

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